The laws that govern our universe all support the unity of tiny little atoms which coalesced into stars and planets. Then on our lucky little dust speck, life formed. It formed in an aimless process of random occurrences that kept increasing complexity. Throughout it all one thing has remained constant: cooperation.

Cooperation has brought each major evolutionary transition. As genes formed into genomes, and genomes formed into prokaryotes (simple single cell organisms), followed by eukaryotes (cells with specialized parts, organelles. ), eventually coalescing, like the stars in our sky, into the multicellular life that thrives on our planet today. We are a part of and made from this cooperation. We are an orchestra of cells, each playing their instrument perfectly in unison.

Humans are starting to mirror this synced orchestra, although far from perfect. Like the rest of the universe, we are increasing complexity through cooperation. We started off as small tribes becoming, towns, cities, nations, states, and civilizations.

We are currently transitioning from many regional civilizations to one global one. We are starting to act like specialized cells in the cohesive body of humanity. Of course, we are not a special jump in evolution, like single-celled life becoming multicellular life nor a superorganism ( like bees and ants) but our cooperation has helped us to become the most dominate and transformative species on earth — for better or worse.

Right now every day it seems like we are becoming more divided. Regressing back to a hoge podge of different people groups fighting, but for what reason?

Cooperation has led us to where we are at right now, working together, thinking together, acting together. The fact that I can post this piece of writing on Medium is proof of our power to work together and create something beautiful.

This message may be cliche, but it as old as the universe. In the end of the day we are all just atoms, genes, genomes, organelles, and cells working together to create something better. As humans — we are sentient — we have the ability to choose if we want to cooperate.

Hopefully we choose wisely.

This is a personal essay of many. My goal is to become a better writer and I think that if I can write one personal essay a week that my writing will improve. I urge everyone reading this to please write a comment either about my grammar, flow, style, or whatever you thought about my piece. Thank You!




A man on a learning mission 🚀

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Kunal Duggal

Kunal Duggal

A man on a learning mission 🚀

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